ISO 14001

Our commitment to the environment

Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A. is committed to conducting its business in environmentally sustainable manner.  Recognizing importance of environmental issues is an essential issue for co-existence and co-prosperity among human, society and the earth, we believe.

Based on our Corporate Environmental Policy, Environmental Management System is established based on 4 stages (Plan, Do, Check and Action) to enable us to set up our environmental objectives and targets, actions related to them, to detect and revaluate weakness of our activities and to reflect countermeasures to improve further systematically and continuously.

Our environmental goals are widely covering following environmental aspects:

  • Business process improvements
  • Logistics improvements
  • Reduce environmental risks
  • Environmental Preservation
  • Proactive sales of environmentally friendly products
  • Global warming

Environmental behavior is our standard daily practice at our company, as a result of input from both sides – management and employees.

We are proud to present ISO 14001 certification confirming our commitment and system effectiveness.