Global Parts & Logistics

Global Parts and Logistics Division’s network spans 39 countries and 169 sites worldwide. The division has established a global supply chain by setting up an optimally integrated logistics system using these sites and networks.

In Europe its unique capabilities to link final goods manufacturers and parts suppliers go beyond the automotive industry such as household electric appliances. The division aims to ensure to satisfy customer requirements and provide high quality services. We also operate material and product development, raw material processing and assembly.

Some examples of our services:

  • Purchase of parts and production components from a number of suppliers
  • Control and consolidate them in the country of origin
  • Manage multimodal transport and customs clearance in a target country
  • Build-to-suit warehouse and consolidate stock in warehouses. Vendor management inventory, third party logistics management, in-plant services
  • Provide complex warehouse services including order picking, repacking and production
  • Manage returnable packaging management including package design
  • Deliver to customers by just in time or just in sequence systems
  • Full track and trace every shipment with data exchange system agreed with our customer

Global Parts and Logistics Division Value Chain

Global Parst division value chains