Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Division has set as its mission to further refine its functions to protect and connect the supply chain and to respond to a wide range of geopolitical risk issues and diversifying global needs. The division has 163 sites operated by 79 subsidiaries in 38 countries around the world. By leveraging these sites and our logistics networks, and by establishing an optimally integrated parts logistics system, the division has established a global automotive parts supply chain. We aim to achieve sustainable growth together with our technologically skilled partners under the division’s Vision2030, which is to “transform the concepts of production, transportation, and connectivity to fulfil our responsibilities to future society through the evolution of the supply chain."

In the area of production, our operations include tire and wheel assembly, and an airbag and other parts manufacturing, as well as an interior and exterior parts and accessories covering all aspects of operations from planning and development to raw materials procurement and processing. Furthermore, we promote circular manufacturing by recycling and reusing scraps from the production of airbags and other products.

In the area of transportation, we successfully meet the diverse needs of our customers by leveraging our global logistics network and supply-and-demand management functions. We also promote CO2 reduction in logistics by working with partners who have digital technologies in areas such as logistics optimization, warehouse automation, and the development and reuse of packaging materials used in transportation.

In the area of connectivity, we visualize the supply chain by combining the division's unique business partner network, manufacturing and logistics functions, and systems for managing global supply chains. We can provide solutions to manage disaster, geopolitical risks, and other risks, as well as centralized data management, to address customer issues not only in the automotive industry, but in other industries as well.

To achieve this, we will continue to focus on the identification of advanced technologies and new materials and the development of new functions. In addition, the division is promoting the social development of core and prospective functions by finding new business partners and customers and seeking to expand our network, including in the field of environmental solutions such as fuel cells.

In particular, in the midst of the transformation of the automotive industry, we will actively invest in the electrification of mobility (motorcycles/cars/other vehicles) and review our portfolio, focus on the creation of a new mobility society, and meet the challenge of business development with carbon neutrality as a prerequisite to fulfill our responsibility to the future society. We connect people, products, technologies, and society in environment-friendly ways and contribute to the development of a next-generation mobility society.

In Europe its unique capabilities to link final goods manufacturers and parts suppliers go beyond the automotive industry such as household electric appliances. We aim to ensure to satisfy customer requirements and provide high quality services. We also operate material and product development, raw material processing and assembly.

Main Products & Services

Global Parts and Parts/Accessories
Construction of optimized supply chains with mixed loading and supply-and-demand management functions in the export/import and global procurement of parts.
Material procurement, production, sales, and service development of interior and exterior parts and accessories for mobility.
Offering of fuel cells and solutions for the environment.

Logistics & Module
Logistics services in connection with customers’ production activities, automotive parts assembly services such as overseas tire and wheel assembly, battery assembly and wireless power supply system development for xEVs, and operation of technopark businesses to support the overseas expansion of small and medium-sized businesses.