Our CSR Philosophy

Toyota Tsusho Corporation's Corporate Philosophy sets forth the company's raison d' etre and the resolve with which it manages its operations. Our Behavioral Guidelines define a code of action for all executives and employees. Toyota Tsusho's basic management philosophy is based on a Fundamental Philosophy of unchanging ideals that should be passed on to future generations. Our Behavioral Guidelines describe how we will conduct CSR activities to realize our Corporate Philosophy.

Fundamental Philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Living and prospering together with people, society and the Earth, we aim to be a value-generating corporation that contributes to the creation of a prosperous society.

Behavioral Guidelines

As a good corporate citizen, we will:

  • Implement open and fair corporate activities
  • Fulfill our social responsibilities and conserve the global environment
  • Offer creativity and provide added value
  • Respect people and create a responsive workplace striving to achieve job satisfaction