The Metals division views steel and non-ferrous metals as products with unique properties and functions rather than simple materials.

This approach allows us to provide optimal products and logistics matching the needs of both suppliers and users.
The division is comprised of multiple strategic business units, all of which manage both steel and non-ferrous products. This ensures that each SBU can respond to customer needs with proposals covering multiple types of materials.

The Automotive Metal Products unit handles metals used in every aspect of automobile production. The SBU has processing bases able to deliver products flexibly in response to demand. We achieved this through an IT-enabled ordering system and an efficient logistics system. In addition, our metal blanking businesses around the world to meet specific user needs. Since the ‘lightweight’ vehicle is a key to future mobility, we constantly adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

The Metal Products unit covers all metal products needs outside the automotive industry. The SBU leverages a broad global network of sites to serve the needs of customers not only in Europe but also outside Europe with efficient processing and logistics functions. Toyota Tsusho Group’s processing centers produce high value-added products, especially electrical steel sheets.

The Metal Resources unit develops, procures, and recycles our precious resources to complete the value chain and respond to our society's increasing concern about the waste and scarcity of our resource. In Europe we conduct this activity thanks to our consolidated Green Metals subsidiaries present in Czech Republic, France, Poland and the UK. We offer total waste management services from collecting, processing, recycling and to re-use (closed loop). We carefully monitor all waste and scrap materials. Additionally, we handle precious metals and recycle aluminum in company POLST in Poland.

Metal division business portfolio

Metal Division Bussiness portfolio