Global Vision

Global Vision - for the next 10 years established in 2016

Guidelines and signposts that we should reach within 10 years as we continue pursuing and realizing our fundamental philosophy.

Global Vision - Ideal Image

For the next 10 years, Toyota Tsusho Group will evoke our ideal as:

be the right one

"Commitment" and "Declaration" of the value that Toyota Tsusho Group will provide for all of our stakeholders, including clients

  • The Right ONE for you
    The best assurance of safety, quality, and reliability - based on your needs (Genba)
  • The Right ONE for us
    Maximization of individual capabilities, global networks and diversity to create synergistic strengths
  • The Right ONE for future
    Unique insights and capabilities to explore new possibilities for future and sustainable society

Global Vision - Toyotsu Core Values

To realize the vision, we will materialize Toyotsu group way as Toyotsu Core Values for basic approaches in the next 10 years

toyota core values

We will focus on Toyotsu Core Values and further enhance these elements while displaying and utilizing them.

“Genba” insists on customers’ needs understanding and proximity, while cultivating hands-on activities

“Collective force” associates individual strengths with team power and spirit

“Innovator spirit” stresses the ongoing need to think outside the box and offer increased added value and role

Global Vision - Toyotsu Core Values to realize growth

Expanding business size through the Toyotsu Core Values

toyota core values to realise growth
toyota core values to realise growth

Global Vision - Business expansion through Toyotsu Core Values

bussiness expansion

Organic Growth

Expansion of our current business with our own (internally generated) resources. Challenge Areas

Business expansion in new areas where we can utilize our expertise in region and / or business domain from our Toyotsu Core Values such as Genba-focus New business development with a focus on innovative technologies, services and products utilizing Collective force and Innovator spirit