Health and Safety Policy

Toyota Tsusho Europe region is committed to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment, not only for all employees but for any stakeholder on its premises or any areas of operations.

This commitment shall be supported but not limited by:

  • Complying with local law and following all applicable requirements of our customers and/or related companies.
  • Providing employees with all necessary trainings, information, equipment, supervision and resources to conduct their work in safe manner.
  • Implementing and applying a health and safety management system with clear communication rules to ensure efficient information share at all levels.
  • Emphasizing that it is every employee’s responsibility, from Top Management to operators to report immediately any situation which could jeopardise the wellbeing of either themselves or any other person.
  • Promoting “Anzen First” mind-set with all available resources
  • Encouraging preventive actions and carry out regular risk assessments.
  • Encourage the reporting and recording of all accidents/near misses and then provide sufficient accident analysis and countermeasure implementation.

Hiromasa Ishii - TTESA President
Hiromasa Ishii - TTUK Managing Director 
Yugo Narita - TTR General Director