Health and Safety

Toyota Tsusho Group’s Safety and Health policy
  • Recognizing that good communications are paramount for ensuring safety and health, top management places a high premium on dialogue with employees.
  • While strictly adhering to relevant safety and health laws and the internal workplace business rules and procedures of our customers, we have established our own standards, as we work to raise the level of our safety and health management.
  • We utilize occupational safety and health management systems and implement kaizen (continuous improvement) as we aim to continually raise safety and health levels.
  • To promote safety and health activities at all companies throughout the Toyota Tsusho Group, we will establish the necessary organizations and structures and clarify the locations of responsibilities.
  • To progress with the creation of comfortable and healthy workplaces, we will provide all employees with sufficient and necessary education for ensuring their safety and health.

The management of Health and Safety within Toyota Tsusho Group is of paramount importance. The safety of our people is embedded into each and every working practice and begins with our slogan ANZEN FIRST, Anzen being the Japanese term for safety.

Although we do not currently hold any recognised certification to demonstrate our compliance with country and regional safety legislation our internal compliance team manage a system which is designed to meet the requirements of OHSAS 18001 the basis of this system being our policy for health and safety.

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