New joint venture "SympH2ony" established to offer holistic solutions for the easy transition to hydrogen-powered vehicle fleets

Toyota Tsusho Europe SA (TTESA) and Industrial gases specialist Messer SE & Co. KGaA (Messer) announced the formation of a joint venture named “SympH2ony GmbH”(SympH2ony). The new joint venture is owned 50% respectively by TTESA and Messer.

1. Background and Objectives

To contribute to the transition to the zero emission society in the area of mobility with hydrogen, TTESA and Messer bring their respective strengths to the newly established joint venture: TTESA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Japan), as a renowned company for the business development of value chains in mobility and Messer as the world's largest privately held specialist for industrial, medical and specialty gases with many years of hydrogen experience.

2. Activities of “SympH2ony”

SympH2ony stands for hydrogen mobility solutions for the complete fleet operation chain. It offers companies, cities, municipalities and port operators in Europe a comprehensive solution for switching to environmentally friendly, hydrogen-powered vehicle fleets.

SympH2ony offers fleet mobility solutions based on clean hydrogen including zero emission vehicles, hydrogen refueling stations and hydrogen supplies with optional on-site production of H2 as well as the services required for reliable operation – all tailored to the customer's specific needs. The option of billing according to kilometers driven by the fleet ensures calculable total operating costs.

At the headquarters of SympH2ony in Bad Soden, Germany, representatives of TTESA and Messer, including members of the management boards, gave the official go-ahead for the joint venture on June 26.


At the official launch of the joint venture SympH2ony. From the left, Mr Bernd Eulitz, Messer CEO & Hiromasa Ishii, TTESA President.

3. Comments from Representatives of the Companies

Kenji Yamanaka, Head of Next Mobility at TTESA

“SympH2ony will build and operate on-site solutions that enable European fleet operators to move away from today's dependence on fossil fuels towards a zero emission future.”

Tim Evison, SVP Clean Hydrogen at Messer

“We offer private and public fleet operators the opportunity to safely achieve their goals for emission-free mobility. SympH2ony overcomes obstacles such as technological uncertainty, commercial complexity and capital availability. Fleet operators have the opportunity to act strategically and to take substantial steps towards zero emission operations, whilst continuing to focus on their core business. ZE made EZ!”

Company name SympH2ony GmbH
Establishment April 20, 2024
Location Messer-Platz 1
65812 Bad Soden am Taunus, Germany
Representatives Mr. Tim Evison
Mr. Kenji Yamanaka
Business activities Hydrogen mobility solutions for the complete fleet operations chain
Investment Ratio Toyota Tsusho Europe 50%
Messer 50%

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